Sunday, 9 March 2014

Horse Racing Backing Systems : Which One Are You On?

Hello my name is Mark Boyle, I'm 44 years old at the time of publishing this piece and I live in the north east of England. I'm a keen fan of horse racing and very much enjoying watching and betting on the sport. 

In early 2010 I decided that, I would create a betting system based on my experiences with betting on horses mainly through Betfair and decided to call it "Racing Winners", as I thought it was a catchy title and so it proved.

I learnt how to design a basic website in 2009, and how to convert word douments in to a PDF, which would prove crucial further down the line when it came to selling a system for immediate download. I started to document my betting experiences and took Betfair screenshots of my earnings. I realised early on that, I'd found a decent methodology for making money through racing and after a few changes and a couple of new and better filters Racing Winners was born and I released it back in May 2010.

I didn't know what to expect or how it would go, but I contacted the main webmasters of the related UK horse racing blogs and they kindly reviewed the product over 60 and 90 day periods. Thankfully it was approved on all three due to the points and profit gained during each review period and the sales I gained from this was quite overwhelming.

There are certain factors that I always insist on in order for any horse racing backing systems to stand the test of time and that is - a sensible methodology, solid money management rules and strict financial discipline. If you don't have the latter then, the first two will become incidental and you'll eventually lose money - FACT!!

I've read about holy grail and five minute systems that are supposedly giving betting punters excellent returns, but to me that is BS. If you don't do enough study in any form of sport prior to betting and factor in a variety of things that may happen then, how can you possibly expect to make a medium to long term profit? These quick fix systems are seriously flawed in my opinion and DON'T work! Do you think I spend at least half an hour on any betting day doing the required analysis for the sake of it or to make myself look windswept and interesting? Certainly Not!

I always like the hare and the tortoise principle and I think it's so apt in horse racing betting. The hare thinks it's invincible and races miles ahead of the tortoise, but starts to lose momentum, leaving the tortoise to eventually catch up and overtake the burnt out hare. Horse racing systems are not to different from that analogy, so the question is, which one are you on?

The two things you won't get with any of my systems is selections on hot favourites or 66/1 outsiders, as the first one presents no long term value and the second option is for dreamers. The kind of bets that I pick up on are decent UK turf races which give decent odds value based on the analysis and selections usually offer odds of between 2/1 - 15/1.

I have two other backing systems in the horse racing betting marketplace. I released Racing Profits in March 2011 to tackle the e/way markets at the bookies and the place market at Betfair. I followed some of the same principles as my initial backing system and gave people the option of spreading their betting options, but still having the same confidence in their selections. This also worked a treat and although the profits were slower, it was still well regarded in the marketplace and received positive reviews. 

This brings us more closer to the present day and I decided to write another system for the win markets called Racing Success and released in September 2013. There are similarities between this product and the Racing Winners system, but the rules are shorter and the filters are improved in my opinion and that can only be good for everyone concerned. For me this is my best work to date and I expect it to become as popular as my previous two pieces of work.

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