Monday, 10 March 2014

Horse Racing Backing Systems : Having a Plan

I don't have all the answers to making money through betting on horses, if I did then, I'd be sitting by my pool in a luxury villa somewhere in Spain instead of a modest terraced house in the north east of England :(

To make a medium to long term profit with any form of betting you NEED to have a plan. Yes, you've probably heard of someone who's one a small fortune betting on a horse and yes, you've seen their betting slip or the online statement as proof, but was it a one off bet and just down to luck? The real proof is whether that you can make a profit over 500, 1000 or 10,000 betting selections and this really does seperate the men from the boys. I've always been in this game for the long run and I don't always make a profit, but overall my bookie and Betfair account is still going north and that's what really counts :)

There is no midas touch to betting just good old fashioned form study coupled with some solid money mangangement and discipline. Why people continually lose money is a real mystery to me, when there's so much free online information at your fingertips. I guess some people want an easy route or are just lazy and want to try a quick fix with an RP tipster, but following the crowd will eventually lead to the poor house and that's why about 80% of online bettors reduce their betting activity or lose their bank after the first year. Ask yourself this, why do these so called experts on these horse racing sites give you their free recommendation? If they where so good then, why wouldn't they be doing it themselves and making a small fortune instead of getting a guaranteed salary from the relevant company.

You can gain the upper hand sometimes, if you're privy to insider information and are a friend of the trainer or jockey or even if you're present at the race course and can make a more informed decision about the look of the horse in the paddock, but normally what most of us have got to base our decision on is the form in front of us and that is usually good enough.

There are no hard or fast rules to making money from horse racing, but having a good plan and executing it correctly on a regular basis is crucial. If you take shortcuts in this game then, the betting markets can be unforgiving and you may lose your shirt!

All the best with your betting and please make a sensible choice about your plans going forward.   

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