Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Horse Racing Backing Systems : Using The Racing Post Website Part Two

So you've found the online Racing Post website and are starting to find the navagational site a bit easier with regards to horse racing information and form. The next part usually involves betting and can be the difference between actually making a medium or long term profit. If you just like making the odd £5 fun bet on the Cheltenham Gold Cup or The Garand National for instance then, that's fine, but if you want to bet on a regular basis then, make sure you have a PLAN of action!

Racing Post can give you the facility for using free information to make an informed choice on any UK horse race, whether it's a class 6 all weather meeting at Woverhampton or a class 1 turf meeting at Ascot. Finding a horse's form and stats with things like ground conditions, distance, weight, type of race, class, trainer course form, jockey recent form... is very straightforward and can make a genuine difference to how you look at and approach the sport and any future bets :)  

With your new found information you won't be betting blindly or following the crowd, remember doing that will lead to the poor house, as they can't all be right or the odds would be small and any real value would be lost. Picking the right horse to win or even lose a race is fine, but the real sauce is in the VALUE.                                                                                     

I still tend to use three places for my horse racing win or e/way bets - Betfair, Bet365 and Ladbrokes. All of these businesses are established, they offer good free bets to join, they pay out their winnings with the minimum amount of fuss and they have good customer service levels. These are the type of companies that, you want to deal with especially if you plan on betting on a regular basis.

All of your future information should be found using the Racing Post website, as it truly is the horse racing bible for betting punters.    

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